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Qibla Directions

The Shia acknowledge FIVE daily PRAYERS.  However, they are allowed to pray them in THREE distinct TIMES, not five; the five prayers are: Fajr (Morning), Zuhr (Noon), `Asr (Afternoon), Maghrib (Sunset), and Isha (Night).

The Fajr (morning) is prayed at the same time as the Sunnis do; however,
the Shia usually wait 10 minutes before they consider it to be time for

We are allowed to pray noon and afternoon prayer one after another (without a lot of delay between the two). Similarly we are allowed to pray sunset prayer and night prayer one after another. Actually it is better to pray in their own specific time (close to what Sunnis do), but it is not necessary.

Thus instead of five separate times, we can pray all the five daily prayers only in three separate times.
(NOTE:  The prayers in ALL cases are DISTINCT (separate), it’s NOT that they (the Shia) pray eight Raka’t (for Zuhr and `Asr) straight, or seven Raka’t (for Maghrib and Isha) straight, as part of ONE prayer.  It is the SAME regular form of prayer, but combined into one TIME, NOT one PRAYER.)

It should also be noted that the Sunnis agree to the combining of prayers in the case of Rain, Travel, Fear, or other emergencies.

Qibla Directions

City Geographically Magnetically
Sydney 82 ° :30’:18” 69 °:54’:17” NW
Canberra 82 °:12’:03” NW 69 °:54’:03” NW
Perth 64 °:35’:42” NW 66 °:59’:41” NW
Brisbane 79 °:44’:35” NW 68 °:32’:34” NW
Melbourne 81 °:10’:48” NW 69 °:40’:47” NW
Updated on December 8, 2016

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